There is so much history…. so much to see and do in Vietnam,  you just not know where to begin.

As an Asia travel specialist, you will find my expertise and first hand knowledge in this area of world to be exponentially invaluable. From the largest city of Hanoi, with its hustle and bustle, to the beautiful beaches and mountain ranges, a visit to Vietnam surely should be on your itinerary if visiting Asia.

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The Regions of Vietnam

VIetnam has 3 main regions: Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam, and Southern Vietnam. (Pretty easy, isn’t it!?)

The Northern Region consists of Hanoi, the largest city, along with spectacular mountains and lush valleys.

The Central Region is home to Danang, one of the country’s most progressive and upcoming cities. There plenty of national parks, sandy beaches, and charming riverside towns.

The Southern Region is home to the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, (formerly Saigon). It has a very cool vibe and culture.

Most tours and river cruises visiting Vietnam will arrange for you to see both several places in both the northern and southern regions. I can assist you with planning the perfect experience.

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