Blue Compass Global Travel

Travel has been in my blood since I was a child. I remember taking trips with my family and how excited I was to have the ability to see new places and experience new cultures.

Love for Asia

My love for Asia started when I was in the military and traveled throughout Asia. I found the people to be warm and inviting. And the food! Let’s just say I got hooked on Asian cuisine (and I love it all) right there!

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a minor in Asian Studies, from California State University, Sacramento.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries in the region including Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, India, Thailand, Philippines and China and of course have been to Hong Kong many times.

In November of 2015 I visited Singapore again, one of my favorite countries.

My experiences serving clients in this part of the world has allowed me to build relationships with some of the industry’s strongest and most reliable partners throughout southeast Asia. Please feel free to contact me at 916-549-9263 or simply complete our Contact Us form and I will reach out to you within a day.

All the best.
Ed Carlson
Asia Travel Specialist