Singapore Travel Packages


Posted By: Ed Carlson

Post Date: January 24, 2016

November 2015

I decided to go for a second to visit Singapore. The last time i was in Singapore was when I was in the U.S. Navy. Since I was off two days for Thanksgiving it allowing me to to take the red-eye flight the Wednesday night. The flight was about 23 hours in total. I booked three hotels before I arrived and arrange to meet with all the hotel representative to give an escorted tour of the properties. I really impressed with Singapore airport, it was so clean. Singapore was tropical and clean. No wonder I missed it so much. I took a taxi to the hotel form the airport, and i was very cheap. In the U.S.A. that same cab  ride would have cost me double for the same amount of miles. I went to Clarke Quay, which is where all the nightlife is in Singapore. They have restaurants, bars, and music. You can even take a night boat on the river. If you go to Raffles Hotel, you have to have their famous Singapore Sling, this drink was invented at Raffles a hundred years ago.If you like golf, nightlife, or just being a foodie. Singapore will not disappoint.  I will be back to visit Singapore. I give Singapore 5 stars. 

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