Japan Travel Packages


Posted By: Edwin W. Carlson

Post Date: January 16, 2016

The last time that I visited Japan was in 2013,  I loved it! I flew on Japan Airlines, the service was great! I stayed in Tokyo and Asakusa. 

If you've never been to Japan, it truly is an experience of a lifetime. I stayed in Tokyo and Asakusa. While I was there I ate traditional Japanese foods.The restaurants were very small and cozy. I also stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel.





Japanese Food

The typical cuisine in Japan varies. Sushi of course, is extremely popular. But there are so many other choices.






The traditional Japanese hotels are called Ryokan. Basically you sleep on a futon mattress which lays on top of a tatami mat.

It was the cleanest hotel that I have ever stayed in. The Japanese people were so nice and very humble. I really felt welcome everywhere I went. If you like shopping, they have high-rise buildings, where every floor has shops. I highly encourage you to also go to a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and a kabuki Show while you are in Japan. 



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