You will know that your in Hawaii the moment you step off the plane,when you feel the warm tropical breeze surrounding you. This is what you have imaged and planned for, and you realize, why the Hawaiian Islands are the most popular destination in the world. It has tropical scenery, volcanoes, white sandy beaches, turtles, dolphins, whales, perfect surfing waves, crystal clear snorkeling,diving and enjoyable experiences for everyone. 

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki, is on the Island of Oahu, it is great for a really fun beach with lots of things to do, like snorkeling, dolphins, surfing, para-sailing. If you love shopping,  If you are a foodie, you can experience great restaurants.  Waikiki has an exciting nightlife as well, it is has the perfect vacation destination for you.

Maui, is known as the couples island, it is the most popular vacation island in Hawaii. Things to see a do; historical Lahaina, the harbor, boating, fishing, diving, and shopping. Kaanapali Beach, and luxury resorts. Haleakala, the road to Hana, biking, and hiking, O’heo Gulch, also referred to as the Seven Sacred Pools, whale watching, zip-lining, hiking mystical valleys, or the beautiful Haleakala National Park, swimming with the whales and dolphins, scuba diving and snorkeling, big game fishing.

The Big Island of Hawaii - Kona has shopping, boating, fishing, the Iron Man Triathlon. 

Lanai is beautiful and tranquil, it is pure relaxation and luxury. 

Kauai, also referred to as the "Garden Island."  A a lush paradise with secluded beaches, and it has spectacular canyons. Hanalei Bay it is one of the most scenic, with it's gorgeous beaches, surfing and snorkeling.

Depending on where you are at on the island or what elevation, the weather will vary place to place. In the winter, November 20th to January 15th the temperature varies from 77 to 80 degrees. In the summer, from June 20th to October 5th it can get hot on the lee sides of the islands, up to 92 degrees. Sunblock would be a good idea to bring with you. 

Hawaii is known as “The meeting place” for people from all over the world. Come visit paradise–you will love Hawaii.

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