Travel Tips

Arrive at the airport at least three hours early when flying international, and two hours early when flying domestic.


When you check in at the airport ticket agent counter, ask if your scheduled flight is on time. And always watch the airport flight and gate monitor, flight schedules tend to change, and you do not want to miss your flight.  


It is a good idea to check the laws of the country that you will be visiting before your trip. 


Never leave your suitcase unattended at the airport. 


Make two copies of your passport and travel insurance policy, and also take a picture of your passport with your smart phone.  


Call your bank and credit company before leaving on your trip, and let them know where you are going to visit and how long you will be there.


Add your bank and credit card company account and phone numbers to your contact list in your cell phone. If stolen, you can report it right away. 


Don't be a target of crime by wearing jewelry or watches in the wrong place.  Every big city has thieves, don't be a target, and keep your head on a swivel. 


Pack and wear comfortable clothing. Save the plastic bags from grocery store, and bring them on your next trip. They make great dirty clothes bags to keep separated from your clean clothes in your suitcase.


Bring your chargers and adapters for international travel; you'll need to stay connected. 


Do not take cheap transportation from the airport to your hotel, have your travel agent prearrange transportation. This is extremely important because this is an opportunity for criminals to take all your belongings and money. 


Leave copy of your itinerary, cell phone number, and a copy of your passport with a family member or close friends.


When traveling overseas, be careful when exchanging currency. Do not exchange your money in the street, it may be counterfeit. Always use your ATM card at a bank, preferable inside the bank, or exchange currency at your hotel.  


Make sure that you have your signed passport before arriving at the airport. Your passport must have at least six months before it expires from the return date. Ask your travel agent if you need a visa for the country you are visiting.